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Annette Bening Biography

Birth Name:

Annette Francine Bening

Date of Birth:

May 29, 1958

Birth Place:

Topeka, Kansas


Patrick Henry High School, San Diego, CA
San Francisco State University
American Conservatory Theatre


J. Steven White
Warren Beatty


Kathlyn (daughter) - born in 1992
Benjamin (son) - born in 1994
Isabel (daughter) - born in 1996
Ella (daughter) - born in 2000

Famous Family:

Her sister-in-law is Shirley MacLaine

Big Break:

She began on Broadway. Her big break should have been Valmont but another movie about the same subject, Dangerous Liasions pushed it aside and The Grifters became her breakout role.

Starmaking Role:

Warren Beatty's Wife

Biggest Hit:

American Beauty

Career Low:

No one saw Running With Scissors so maybe she hasn't really had one.

Tabloid Moments:

Except for all the press when she married Hollywood's biggest playboy and supposedly confirmed bachelor there really hasn't been one.

Side Jobs:


Quintssential Quality:

Classy Lady

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Marquise de Merteuill ( Valmont ):

"I have reason to believe that a dangerous liaison has sprung up between your daughter and Monsieur Danceny."

In which movie does Annette Bening play the object of desire of an extra-terrestrial?