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A Tribute to Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks created a directing niche by making movie parodies of the classic film genres: Westerns (Blazing Saddles), Silent Movies (Silent Movie), Thrillers (High Anxiety), Science Fiction (Space Balls) and Adventure (Robin Hood: Men in Tights.) But our favorite is his spoof of the horror movies of the thirties and forties. Filmed in gorgeous black and white, Brooks and stars Gene Wilder, Teri Garr, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman and Marty Feldman tell the hilarious story of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein's (grandson of the infamous scientist) creation of his own monster with the brain of Abby Normal and an enormous … well, you know what. For your intellectual and philosophical pleasure we present our Tribute to Young Frankenstein.

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A Tribute to Mel Brooks

Before the Farrelly Brothers, there was this man. We're pretty sure the word politically incorrect was coined to describe Blazing Saddles. (Ssshh … don't tell anyone but we think he's very very funny.)

A Tribute to Gene Wilder

He was the Jim Carrey of his time and while he doesn't make movies very often anymore, the work he has already given us still amuses twenty-odd years later. Whether you're reminiscing or discovering, we hope you enjoy our Tribute to Gene Wilder.

A Tribute to Gene Hackman

He's made a ton of movies with a ton of big name actors and he always seems to shine a little brighter that those around him. We'll analyze this phenomenon in our Tribute to Gene Hackman.

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Young Frankenstein

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein ( Gene Wilder ):

"Ladies and gentlemen may I present for your intellectual and philosophical pleasure … the creature."

What was the title of Victor Frankenstein's book?