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Jaws 2 Movie Basics

Year of Release: 1975
Running Time: 1 hrs. 56 min.
MPAA Rating: PG
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Screenwriter: Carl Gottlieb, Howard O. Sackler and Dorothy Tristan
Producers: David Brown and Richard D. Zanuck
Studio: Universal Pictures

Jaws 2 Photo Gallery

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Jaws 2 Synopsis

Same island. Same police chief. New shark. New director. And this time Roy Scheider's Chief Brody has to face and defeat the shark alone in this sequel to the original 1975 version of this movie. Otherwise this movie is pretty much a less skillful rehash of the Steven Spielberg monster movie classic.

Jaws 2 Cast

Roy Schieder - Chief Martin Brody
Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
Murray Hamilton - Mayor Larry Vaughn
Joseph Mascolo - Len Peterson
Jeffrey Kramer - Deputy Jeff Hendricks

Jaws 2 Original Movie Trailer

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Jaws 2

Chief Martin Brody ( Roy Scheider ):

"But I'm telling you, and I'm telling everybody at this table that that's a shark! And I know what a shark looks like, because I've seen one up close. And you'd better do something about this one, because I don't intend to go through that hell again! "

What is the name of the town that is terrorized by the shark in the first two Jaws movies?