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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to Al Pacino

His intense performance as Godfather Michael Corleone in his very first movie is the standard for every performance that came later. And he hasn't failed us yet. We've cataloged all his memorable roles in our Tribute to Al Pacino.

A Tribute to Marlon Brando

Visit our Tribute to America's most famous "method" actor. Think of it as a cinematic emotional memory exercise.

A Tribute to Robert De Niro

His specialty hard edged, gritty characters that exist on the fringe of law-abiding society. But as he has shown recently, he's equally at home in all-out comedies. We celebrate each and every mesmerizing performance in our Tribute to Robert De Niro.

A Tribute to Francis Ford Coppola

What do Fred Astaire-musical Finean's Rainbow and Marlon Brando-classic Apocalypse Now have in common ... you'll find out in our Tribute to Francis Ford Coppola.

A Tribute to Casino

Love is a losing gamble for Ace in this Scorsese mob story movie. But we're betting you'll enjoy our Tribute to Casino.

A Tribute to Taxi Driver

He's definitely talking to us in this lonely tale of Everyman's search for meaning. The Scorsese-De Niro team compel us in our Tribute to Taxi Driver.

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The Godfather

Michael Corleone ( Al Pacino ):

"That's my family, Kaye. It's not me."

Destination Hollywood's Tribute to The Godfather

Who helped Michael protect his father at the hospital