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A Tribute to Robert De Niro

Ask anyone to name the best actors working today and Robert De Niro will surely be on the list. He set the standard for "getting into" character when he gained 40 pounds to play the role of fighter Jake LaMotta. He's made us think he's Italian (although he's not.) And he's made audiences care about characters that didn't have many appealing qualities. He's an actor's actor who everyone in Hollywood wants to work with and he's certainly right at the top of our Best Actor List, please enjoy our Tribute to Robert De Niro.

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And this Christmas, Robert De Niro will be back as Ben Stiller's Father-In-Law in the third Meet the Fockers movie.

Coming Soon

In March we'll see Robert De Niro as a ruthless businessman in Limitless a thriller co-starring Bradley Cooper.

And later in 2011, Robert De Niro co-stars in The Killer Elites and action movie about a group of black-ops assassins who have to rescue one of their own.

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The Good Shepherd

Travis Bickle ( Taxi Driver ):

"You talkin' to me?"

What was the first movie in which Robert De Niro played the story's main character?