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Funny Girl Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Funny Girl? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Funny Girl is based on the real life of which Broadway star?

a) Mary Pickford
b) Margo Channing
c) Fanny Brice

2) Who discovered Fanny Brice?

a) Florenz Ziegfield
b) Billy Rose
c) Ray Stark

3) What was the name of Fanny's second husband?

a) Billy Rose
b) Jimmy Stewart
c) Flo Ziegffield

4) Movie producer Ray Stark was related to Fanny Brice, how?

a) Son-in-Law
b) Son
c) Nephew

5) What song from the movie version of Funny Girl was not in the original Broadway musical?

a) My Man
b) People
c) Sadie, Sadie

6) What song does James Caan sing in Funny Lady?

a) People
b) It's Only a Paper Moon
c) Isn't It Better

7) What is Nick Arnstein's profession?

a) Business Man
b) Singer
c) Gambler

8) Who plays Fanny's good friend and confidant in Funny Lady?

a) Roddy MacDowell
b) Elizabeth Taylor
c) Henry Fonda

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Funny Girl

Fanny Brice ( Barbra Streisand ):

"If I can't tell when you're ordering roast beef and potatoes, how will I know when you're making advances?"