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A Tribute to Funny Girl

People people who need people. Close your eyes. You can hear her singing it can't you? The song is more famous than the movie and Broadway musical that it appeared in but not because the movie and its sequel are not worthy of similar attention. Funny Girl and Funny Lady are fabulous musicals that star the charismatic singer/actor/director/producer Barbra Streisand (although she was just a singer/actor wannabe director/producer back then.) This movie duo also has the extra distinction of the sequel being as good or even better than the first. So hello gorgeous - welcome to our Tribute to Funny Girl.

Funny Girl Features

Funny Lady - the sequel to Funny Girl
The Songs of Funny Girl
The Songs of Funny Lady
She Looks Good in Hats

Funny Girl DVD Spotlight

Funny Girl

Funny Girl MP3's

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A Tribute to Barbra Streisand

Hello gorgeous it's our Tribute to singing, acting, producing, writing and directing silver screen legend Barbra Streisand.

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Funny Girl

Fanny Brice ( Barbra Streisand ):

"Hello, gorgeous."

Funny Girl is based on the real life of which Broadway star?