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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to Steven Spielberg

He makes movies that we all want to see and you can see them all in our Tribute to moviemaker extraordinaire Steve Spielberg.

A Tribute to Drew Barrymore

She represents the fourth generation of one of cinema's most prestigious acting families and she's grown up literally before our eyes. Enjoy our Tribute to Charlie's newest angel … Drew Barrymore.

A Tribute to The Wizard of Oz

Can we tell you a secret? Those flying monkeys still scare us. But we, like everyone else in the world, love everything else about this movie. Follow the yellow brick road to our Tribute to The Wizard of Oz.

A Tribute to Close Encounters of the Third Kind

First kind? Second kind? Third kind? We're not sure what all that means but we do know this .. you're about to have a close encounter of a good-kind – a good sci-fi movie that is.

A Tribute to It's a Wonderful Life

No man is a failure who has friends. That's the message of this heartwarming 1946 Frank Capra classic that has become nearly required viewing each year at the holidays.

A Tribute to The Princess Bride

It's an adventure. It's a comedy. It's a love story. It's one of our favorites. And like true love … a movie like this doesn't come along every day. Enjoy our Tribute to The Princess Bride.

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Keys ( Peter Coyote ):

"I'm glad he met you first."

What is Gertie's Halloween costume?