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A Tribute to Citizen Kane

Often times great art is not appreciated in its own time. Citizen Kane is a case in point. Aggressively campaigned against by powerful subject William Randolph Hearst, resoundingly disliked by 1941 moviegoers and booed by that year's Academy Awards show audience this classic is now considered to be one of the best movies ever made. What's certain is that director and star Orson Welles broke new ground and influenced nearly every director who came after him with his revolutionary filmmaking techniques. We celebrate his accomplishments and this cinematic masterpiece in our Tribute to Citizen Kane.

Citizen Kane Features

The Citizen Kane Revolution

Citizen Kane DVD Spotlight

Citizen Kane Special Edition , - this special DVD includes a two-hour documentary on the historical significance of Citizen Kane as well as audio commentary by film critic Roger Ebert.

Citizen Kane Bookshelf

Citizen Kane: The Screenplay by Orson Welles

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AmazonMP3 has Citizen Kane movie songs available to purchase and download. Click the arrow below to start browsing:

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Tribute to Orson Welles

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Citizen Kane

Charles Foster Kane ( Orson Welles ):


What was the name of the palace that Kane built?