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Citizen Kane Special Edition DVD Essential Classics DVD Set includes Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon and Ben-Hur

Citizen Kane 11" x 17" Framed Poster Citizen Kane 27" x 40" Poster

Part of the BFI Film Series, this book analyzes and examines the film Citizen Kane. The Making of Citizen Kane, Revised edition - A behind-the-scene look at the making of Citizen Kane.

Final Script for Film 'Citizen Kane' with Annotations in Orson Welles' Hand, July 16th, 1940 Giclee Poster Print, 12x16 Orson Wells - Citizen Kane - Framed 8x10 Photograph with Piece of Hollywood Sign

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Citizen Kane

Charles Foster Kane ( Orson Welles ):

"A toast Jedidiah to love on my terms. As those are the only terms anybody ever knows. His own."

What was the name of the first newspaper that he ran?