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Breakfast at Tiffany's Movie Basics

Year of Release: 1961
Running Time: 1 hrs. 54 min.
MPAA Rating: Not rated
Director: Blake Edwards
Screenwriter: George Axelrod
Producers: Martin Jorow and Richard Shepherd
Studio: Paramount Pictures

Breakfast at Tiffany's Synopsis

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a romantic comedy that boasts one of Audrey Hepburn's most memorable performance. Hepburn lights up the screen as Manhattan playgirl Holly Golightly in this story of a single girl's search for Mr. Right in a city full of Rats and Super Rats. Love interest George Peppard is perfectly cast as the man who learns to love himself by loving Holly.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Cast

Audrey Hepburn - Holly Golightly
George Peppard - Paul Varjak
Patricia Neal - 2-E
Buddy Ebsen - Doc Golightly
Martin Balsam - O.J. Berman
Mickey Rooney - Mr. Yunioshi
John McGiver - Tiffany's Clerk

Breakfast at Tiffany's Awards and Nominations

1962 Academy Awards® Best Score (Win)
Best Song (Win)

Best Actress - Audrey Hepburn (Nom)

Best Adapted Screenplay (Nom)

Best Art Direction (Nom)

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Breakfast at Tiffany's

Holly Golightly ( Audrey Hepburn ):

"I mean any gentleman with the slightest chic will give a girl a fifty dollar bill for the powder room."

What is the name of the novel Paul Varjak wrote?