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An American in Paris Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about An American in Paris? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What is the sketch Gene Kelly's character is working on in the beginning of the movie?

a) Self Portrait
b) Eiffel Tower
c) Bowl of Apples

2) How did Jerry Mulligan end up in Paris?

a) Won a trip in a raffle
b) Saved up the money to move there
c) Stayed there after WWII was over

3) What is unique about Jerry Mulligan's bed?

a) Folds into the wall
b) Pushes up into the ceiling
c) Drops down into the floor

4) What famous song does Leslie Caron dance to at the beginning of the movie?

a) S'Wonderful
b) Sweet Embraceable You
c) By Strauss

5) Where does Leslie Caron's character work?

a) Bakery
b) Perfume Shop
c) Clock Shop

6) What does Jerry Mulligan's friend, Adam Cook, do for a living?

a) He is a writer
b) He is a conductor
c) He is a concert pianist

7) How many Academy Awards did An American in Paris win in 1951?

a) Seven
b) Five
c) Three

8) Who does Gene Kelly sing I've Got Rhythm with?

a) Oscar Levant
b) Leslie Caron
c) French Children

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An American in Paris

Jerry Mulligan ( Gene Kelly ):

"I've never seen so many Americans in Paris before. The Champs Elysées looks just like Main Street."