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An American in Paris Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from An American in Paris.

Jerry Mulligan ( Gene Kelly ):
"You must be out of your mink lined head."

Jerry Mulligan ( Gene Kelly ):
"Brother, if you can't paint in Paris you better give up and marry the boss' daughter."

Adam Cook ( Oscar Levant ):
"It's not a pretty face I grant you but underneath it's flabby exterior is an enormous lack of character."

Jerry Mulligan ( Gene Kelly ):
"This is Paris and I'm an American who lives here."

Milo Roberts ( Nina Foch ):
"I've never seen so many Americans in Paris before. The Champs Elysées looks just like Main Street."

Jerry Mulligan ( Gene Kelly ):
"That's quite a dress you almost have on. What hold's it up?"
Milo Roberts ( Nina Foch ):

Adam Cook ( Oscar Levant ):
"Adam Cook is my name. I'm a concert pianst. That's a pretentious way of saying I'm unemployed at the moment."

Jerry Mulligan ( Gene Kelly ):
"Back home everyone said I didn't have any talent. They might be saying the same thing here but it sounds better in French."

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An American in Paris

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