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A Tribute to Tom Hanks

We think we've discovered the secret to Tom Hanks success. It's not his amazing acting prowess (although that doesn't hurt.) It's not his quiet handsomeness (although that certainly is a plus.) Nor is it his uncanny ability to choose roles in movies that are always on everybody's "must see list" or his impeccable comedic timing (although he has both skills in abundance.) We believe that his achievements, in fact, come from his innate "niceness." He seems to be the kind of guy who would be a great friend and fun to be around. That's the quality that seeps into each and every one of his performances and subsequently pours out to as we watch from our seats - his proverbial rapt audience. We applaud his talent and cheer his accomplishments in our Tribute to Tom Hanks.

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Tom Hanks is both in-front of and behind the camera in the dramedy Larry Crowne that co-stars Julia Roberts. Expect this one in 2011.

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Saving Private Ryan

Forrest Gump ( Forrest Gump ):

"My mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

On what television sitcom did Tom Hanks get his first break?