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Ridley Scott Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Ridley Scott? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Ridley Scott's directorial debut was a period drama that takes place during the Napoleonic wars. What was it called?

a) 1492: Conquest of Paradise
b) Black Rain
c) The Duellists

2) Which of Ridley Scott's movies was set in Japan?

a) Black Rain
b) Legend
c) RKO 281

3) Before there was The Perfect Storm, Ridley Scott made his own movie about a boat caught in a horrific storm. What was it called?

a) Black Rain
b) White Squall
c) Legend

4) Which of the Alien movies did Ridley Scott direct?

a) Alien
b) Aliens
c) Alien 3

5) Ridley Scott made on movie about a leprechaun called Legend - who was the film's star?

a) Val Kilmer
b) Tom Hanks
c) Tom Cruise

6) Ridley Scott direct Sigourney Weaver in a second movie after Alien. What was it called?

a) 1492: Conquest of Paradise
b) Alien 3
c) Someone to Watch Over Me

7) What movie did Ridley Scott make about the Navy Seals?

a) White Squall
b) G.I. Jane
c) Black Rain

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