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Ridley Scott Movies List

2010 Robin Hood
2008 Body of Lies
2007 American Gangster
2006 A Good Year
2005 Kingdom of Heaven
2003 Matchstick Men
2001 Black Hawk Down
(Visit our Tribute to Silence of the Lambs)
2000 Gladiator
1997 G.I. Jane
1996 White Squall

1492: Conquest of Paradise

1991 Thelma and Louise
1989 Black Rain

Someone to Watch Over Me

1985 Legend
1982 Blade Runner
(Visit our Tribute to Blade Runner)
1979 Alien
(Visit our Tribute to Alien)
1977 The Duellists

Ridley Scott Movie Favorites

Ridley Scott's first feature film The Duellists was not widely seen. Two Napoleonic soldiers have a lifelong feud with plenty of sword fighting action.

And then came Alien. An iconic tagline ( In Space no one can hear you scream) , an iconic heroine and an iconic scary creature.

One of the best science fiction movies ever Blade Runner. It's a dark nightmarish future and Harrison Ford is a blade runner. His job is to track down and terminate the escaped human clones called replicants.

If you are a fantasy adventure fan Legend is for you. There are unicorns!!

Ridley Scott directed the ultimate female buddy road picture. Thelma and Louise did a lot of things right. Louise and Thelma became archetypes of feminine power and Brad Pitt's career was launched..

Gladiator was nominated for Academy Awards in almost every category. The gladiator defies an emperor and we defy you not to enjoy this movie.

Ridley Scott directed Black Hawk Down a realistic intense war movie about a real incident in Somalia. So real and so intense that military helicopter pilots watch this movie as part of their training.

One you might have missed: Matchstick Men a movie about con artists so you know going in you will be conned and so yes there is a twist.

Ridley Scott brings his visual styling to the Crusades in Kingdom of Heaven. Jerusalem is the battleground between the Christians and Muslims.

An epic gangster movie with two great actors. Ridley Scoot directs Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington in American Gangster.

Ridley Scott Academy Awards®

Best Director Nomination for Black Hawk Down --- 2002
Best Director Nomination for Gladiator --- 2001
Best Director Nomination for Thelma and Louise --- 1992

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Senator Lillian DeHaven ( G.I. Jane ):

"Don't ever think of playing politics with me, little darlin', or you'll be up way past your bedtime."

Before there was The Perfect Storm, Ridley made his own movie about a boat caught in a horrific storm. What was it called?