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Richard Gere Movies List

2010 Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Amelia
Hachi: A Dog's Tale
2008 Nights in Rodanthe
2007 The Hunting Party
I'm Not There
2006 The Hoax
2005 Bee Season
2004 Shall We Dance
2002 Chicago
The Mothman Prophecies
2000 Dr. T and the Women
Autumn in New York
1999 Runaway Bride
1997 The Jackal
Red Corner
1996 Primal Fear
1995 First Knight
1994 Intersection
1993 Sommersby
Mr. Jones
And the Band Played On
1992 Final Analysis
1991 Rhapsody in August
1990 Pretty Woman
(Visit our Tribute to Pretty Woman)
Internal Affairs
1988 Miles from Home
1986 Power
No Mercy
1985 King David
1984 The Cotton Club
1983 Breathless

Beyond the Limit

1982 An Officer and a Gentleman
1979 Yanks
American Gigolo
1978 Days of Heaven



Looking for Mr. Goodbar


Baby Blue Marine


Report to the Commissioner

Richard Gere Movie Favorites

American Gigolo - watch it for Richard Gere's breakout performance.

A great soundtrack, great performances and a classic final scene - An Officer and a Gentleman.

Richard Gere and Andy Garcia go head to head as a cop and an IAD officer. Watch Richard Gere be a nasty guy in Internal Affairs.

Pretty Woman - don't look for realism just enjoy the fairy tale.

A movie that was not well received but Richard Gere gives a powerful portrayal of a man with bipolar disease in Mr. Jones.

First Knight - another movie that has it's detractors but don't you want to see Sean Connery as King Arthur and Richard Gere as Lancelot?

A spectacular courtroom thriller - Primal Fear.

Runaway Bride - because we need all the romantic comedies with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts we can get.

If Fatal Attraction didn't teach you not to have affairs maybe Unfaithful will do the trick.

We love it when a great Broadway musical becomes a great movie and thus we highly recommend Chicago.

One you Might have Missed: The Hoax a really intriguing story and it's true! Clifford Irving convinces the publishing world that he has interviewed the reclusive Howard Hughes. And that's not true!

One of those movies that you are told it is a true story so you can't wait to get home and look up what really happened. In The Hunting Party they tell you at the end of the movie what was true and what wasn't. A really good story and some of it really did happen. A group of journalist go off to capture a war criminal in Bosnia.

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The Mothman Prophecies

Jack Sommersby ( Sommersby ):

"Being your husband has been the only thing I've ever done that I'm proud of."

What was the movie in which Richard Gere had his first starring role?