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Martin Scorsese Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Martin Scorsese? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Before Martin Scorsese decided on filmmaking as a career, he considered entering which profession?

a) Law Enforcement
b) Academia
c) Priesthood

2) How do you pronounce Martin Scorsese's last name?

a) Scor say see
b) Scor se see
c) Scor sez see

3) Which musical did Martin Scorsese direct?

a) New York, New York
b) Chorus Line
c) Caberet

4) After serving as assistant director on rock documentary Woodstock, Martin Scorsese directed another well-received concert movie. What was it?

a) Pink Floyd's The Wall
b) The Last Waltz
c) A Hard Day's Night

5) Why is Martin Scorsese banned from entering Tibet?

a) The Chinese government thinks his movies are too violent
b) He directed Kundan a movie sympathetic to the Dalai Lama
c) Gangs of New York incited the Chinese people to riot

6) What movie did Martin Scorsese make with legendary comedian Jerry Lewis?

a) New York Stories
b) The King of Comedy
c) Casino

7) Which of Martin Scorsese's movies was made into a popular television show?

a) Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
b) Mean Streets
c) After Hours

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