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A Tribute to Martin Scorsese

It must make Martin Scorsese proud to have his name linked to his very own style of film making, to have a visual and cinematic signature that is known by an entire industry and associated with your name. It must be great to be the kind of director that the public knows by name. It must be amazing to make movies that people want to see simply because of who directed them. This is just such a director. His movies have a remarkable passion and power. His collaborations with actor Robert De Niro are counted among the landmark films of the last three decades. His legendary love of motion picture history in renowned. We invite you to enjoy Destination Hollywood's Tribute to filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

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Next up for Martin Scorsese? Hugo Cabret based on the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.

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Raging Bull

Jack La Motta ( Raging Bull ):

"You never got me down Ray."

Before Martin Scorsese decided on filmmaking as a career, he considered entering which other profession?