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A Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe has become a mythical figure. So many books have been written about her, so many stories constructed about her, that she seems more like a made up character than a real person. But she was a genuine star. She may even be Hollywood's last great and legendary star. The facts of her tragic, scandal ridden and ultimately doomed personal life have fascinated generations of fans but we invite you to go beyond the mythology, to simply watch and enjoy her movies as she would have wanted. We predict that if you look beyond her glamorous persona and scintillating charm you'll find a talented actress who's subtle acting style seem to have never been fully appreciated. Let yourself by captivated by her unique magic in Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Marilyn Monroe.


Ten Things You Might Not Know About Marilyn Monroe

DVD Spotlight

Marilyn Monroe 10 Disc Collection , this is a must-have for all Marilyn Monroe fans. This Special Edition DVD set includes Monkey Business, Don't Bother to Knock, Niagara, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How To Marry A Millionaire, There's No Business Like Show Business, River of No Return, Seven Year Itch, Bus Stop and Norma Jean & Marilyn.

DH Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests this Tribute dedicated to two Marilyn Monroe movies ...

Tribute to Some Like It Hot Tribute to All About Eve

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Clash by Night

Lorelie Lee ( Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ):

"Don't you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You wouldn't marry a girl just because she's pretty, but my goodness, doesn't it help?"

What was the last movie that Marilyn Monroe completed?