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Marilyn Monroe Biography

Birth Name:

Norma Jean Mortenson

Date of Birth:

June 1, 1926

Birth Place:

Los Angeles, California

Date of Death:

August 5, 1962 in Los Angeles, California


James Dougherty (1942 - 1946)
Joe DiMaggio (Jan. 1954 - Oct. 1954)
Arthur Miller (1956 - 1961)


No children.

Famous Romances:

Robert Mitchum, Yves Montand, Frank Sinatra, John Kennedy????, Robert Kennedy????

Big Break:

Her pin up modeling pictures caught the eye of a movie studio executive who signed her to a contract.

Starmaking Role:

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Biggest Hit:

Some Like It Hot

Career Low:

Being fired from Something's Got to Give

Comeback Vehicle:

Sadly, she died before it could happen.

Tabloid Moments:

Not just moments - her entire life:

Early nude photos surfacing.
Stories of her childhood in foster homes.
Notoriety for what she wore and how she acted.
Late and unprofessional behavior on her movie sets.
Affair with her friend Simone Signoret's husband Yves Montand.
Psychiatric hospitalization.
Drug and alcohol dependency.
High Profile marriages and divorces.
Her relationship with the Kennedys.
Her death from drug overdose.

Quintssential Quality:

The Blonde Bombshell

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The Seven Year Itch

Roslyn ( The Misfits ):

"You could blow up the whole world and end up feeling sorry for yourself."

Early on in her career, Marilyn Monroe had a small part in one of Bette Davis' most famous movies. What was the movie?