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Kevin Spacey Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Kevin Spacey? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Kevin Spacey made his big screen debut as a mugger in which Jack Nicholson movie?

a) Heart Burn
b) The Postman Always Rings Twice
c) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

2) In the movie 21 Kevin Spacey plays a math professor who teaches his students how to ...?

a) Rob banks
b) Count cards in Las Vegas
c) Hack computers

3) Kevin Spacey directed a movie in 1996. What was it called?

a) The Big Kahuna
b) Albino Aligator
c) Glengarry Glen Ross

4) Kevin Spacey played Lex Luther in Superman Returns. Who previously played the character?

a) Marlon Brando
b) Christopher Walken
c) Gene Hackman

5) In Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey played Bobby Darin. Who was Bobby Darin married to?

a) Sandra Dee
b) Connie Francis
c) Annette Funicello

6) In which Harrison Ford romantic comedy did Kevin Spacey has a small but memorable role?

a) Sabrina
b) Six Days, Seven Nights
c) Working Girl

7) Kevin Spacey had a memorable recurring role as bad guy Mel Profitt on which 1980's television police drama?

a) Wiseguy
b) Hill Street Blues
c) LA Law

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