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John Travolta Collectibles Store

This is the place to find John Travolta Collectibles.

We also have Video Downloads, all of John Travolta's Movies on DVD and John Travolta's Music.

Welcome Back Kotter -Season One: The first season of the television sitcom that catapulted John Travolta to stardom.

Propeller One-Way Night Coach - a short story written by John Travola.

The iconic poster from John's hit "Saturday Night Fever" - 27" x 40"

The poster from fan favorite "Grease" - 27" x 40"

Pulp Fiction (Uma Thurman & John Travolta Dancing) Black Wood-Mounted Movie Poster Print - 24" X 36"

Pulp Fiction (Pointing Guns) Movie Black Wood-Mounted Poster Print - 11" X 17"

Saturday Night Fever costume

Grease Costume

Hairspray costume

Wig to go with Hairspray costume

Hairspray Edna Turnblad Doll (Dimensions: 3.2 x 8.4 x 13.8 inches)

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Domestic Disturbance

Chili Palmer ( Get Shorty ):

"Whew, this movie business is tough. I might just have to go back to loan-sharking for a while to get some vacation."

How many times has John Travolta been nominated for an Academy Award?