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John Travolta Movies List

2010 From Paris with Love
2009 Old Dogs
Taking of Pelham 123
2008 Bolt
2007 Hairspray
Wild Hogs
2006 Lonely Hearts
2005 Be Cool
2004 Ladder 49
A Love Song for Bobby Long
The Punisher
2003 Basic
2001 Domestic Disturbance
2000 Battlefield Earth
Lucky Numbers
The General's Daughter
1998 Primary Colors
A Civil Action
The Thin Red Line
1997 Face Off
She's So Lovely
Mad City
1996 Broken Arrow

White Man's Burden

Get Shorty
1994 Pulp Fiction
1993 Look Who's Talking Now


Eyes of an Angel

1990 Look Who's Talking, Too
1989 Look Who's Talking

The Experts

1985 Perfect
1983 Staying Alive
Two of a Kind
1981 Blow Out
1980 Urban Cowboy

Moment by Moment

(Visit our Tribute to Grease)
1977 Saturday Night Fever
1976 Carrie
The Boy in the Plastic Bubble
1975 The Devil's Rain

John Travolta Favorites

So many movies, how to choose? If you love musicals, love movies or have a pulse you must own Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Hairspray. (You better get the soundtracks too.)

If you love teen horror movies and( who doesn't) you must have Carrie the one that spawned them all and you will see a young John Travolta in one of his early roles.

Blow Out is a Brain De Palma thriller that Destination Hollywood recommends.

John Travolta may only be in a third of Pulp Fiction but it's the best part .

A great book and maybe an overlooked movie and performance by John Travolta in A Civil Action, a real life story.

Two movies that are just fun to watch, Michael (John is an angel. With wings!) And Phenomenon (John is stuck by lightning and becomes a genuis)

John Travolta Academy Awards®

Best Actor Nomiation for Pulp Fiction --- 1995
Best Actor Nomiation for Saturday Night Fever --- 1978

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Vic Deakins ( Broken Arrow ):

"Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?"

In which supernatural thriller did John Travolta get first big screen role?