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A Tribute to Jim Carrey

We think there should be a new word for not being afraid to try anything to make people laugh and that word should probably be jimcarrey. The fans who loved Jim Carrey for his crazy comedy antics were joined by fans who enjoyed his acclaimed dramatic portrayals starting with The Truman Show. He became one of Hollywood's highest paid actors and continues to entertain us by switching up his acting choices alternating between whimsical comedy and powerful drama. We hope that you will find that Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Jim Carrey is "smokin".

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The latest Jim Carey movies are now available on DVD.

Coming Soon

Next up for Jim Carrey, a comedy called Mr. Popper's Penguins about a man who adopts six penquins and cares for them in his apartment.

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The Mask

Ace Ventura ( Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ):

""All righty then.""

Before Jim Carrey was on the television show In Living Color, what short-lived television sitcom did he star in?