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Jennifer Lopez Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Jennifer Lopez.

Jean Gilkyson: (An Unfinished Life):
"I killed him, Einar. Is that what you wanna hear? It wasn't the change in our pockets, or the weak ass coffee, or the rain. It was me. I fell asleep and I flipped the car six times. I killed Griffin. He had no argument from me. You think it's something I forget. You think that I'm not sick with it, that I hate my life? But I tried to keep living, and you haven't. Is that why you hate me so much? You know, you act like I killed you when Griffin died."

Catharine Deane (The Cell):
"Do you believe there is a part of yourself, deep inside in your mind, with things you don't want other people to see? During a session when I'm inside, I get to see those things."

Selena Quintanilla (Selena):
"How you doin', Houston Texas?"

Selena Quintanilla (Selena):
"But I'll still have you and you'll still have me and there's not a thing in the world more important than that."

Mary Fiore (The Wedding Planner):
"Cover me up north, the F.O.B. is M.I.A."

Mary Fiore (The Wedding Planner):
"That's very scientific of you, Doctor Steve."

Karen Sisco (Out of Sight):
"It's a Sig-Hauer 380. It's beautiful. I love it. Thanks Dad."

Karen Sisco (Out of Sight):
"You're ruining a $900 suit my Dad gave me."

Karen Sisco (Out of Sight):
"Does this make any sense to you?"

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