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Jennifer Lopez Movies List

2010 The Back-up Plan
2007 Bordertown
El Cantante
2005 An Unfinished Life
2004 Shall We Dance
Jersey Girl
2003 Gigli
2002 Maid in Manhattan
2001 Angel Eyes
The Wedding Planner
2000 The Cell
1998 Antz
Out of Sight
1997 U-Turn
1996 Blood and Wine
1995 Money Train
My Family
1990 Lambada

My Little Girl

Jennifer Lopez Movie Favorites

First you shouldn't miss out on the horror flick Anaconda. It's a fun couple of hours featuring not just a young Jennifer Lopez but a young Owen Wilson too.

Selena is the one that established her as an up-and-coming film star. It's an entertaining musical bio-pic that's a must-have for Jennifer Lopez fans.

Blood and Wine is a movie you might have missed. Jennifer Lopez holds her own with co-star Jack Nicholson in this film-noir sleeper.

It's still her best role yet ... opposite George Clooney in Out of Sight.

The Wedding Planner - a fun romantic comedy that is one of our guilty pleasure movies.

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The Wedding Planner

Karen Sisco ( Out of Sight ):

"It's a Sig-Hauer 380. It's beautiful. I love it. Thanks Dad."

Jennifer appeared with Jack Nicholson in which independent film?