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A Tribute to Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon is one of our very favorites and the roles this talented man played will remain forever alive in our treasure chest of memorable silver screen moments. Sometimes he made us laugh, sometimes he made us cry, sometimes he made us think but at all times he entertained. For this and so much more, we dedicate a heartfelt Tribute to Jack Lemmon.

DVD Spotlight

The Jack Lemmon Film Collection , this new DVD collection is now available. It's a six-disc set that includes five early Lemmon comedies - all remastered and remixed - plus a two-part documentary hosted by Chris Lemmon, the actor's son and biographer. The selection includes his lesser known movies: Phffft! / Operation Mad Ball / The Notorious Landlady / Under the Yum Yum Tree / Good Neighbor Sam. The documentary features interviews and remembrances from friends including Kevin Spacey and Shirley MacLaine.

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How many Academy Awards did Jack Lemmon win over the course of his career?