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Clark Gable Biography

Birth Name:

William Clark Gable

Date of Birth:

February 1, 1901

Birth Place:

Cadiz, Ohio

Date of Death:

November 16, 1960, Los Angeles, California


Josephine Dillon (1924 - 1930)
Maria 'Ria' Franklin Printiss Lucas Langham (1931 - 1939)
Carole Lombard (1939 - 1942)
Sylvia Ashley (1949 - 1952)
Kay Williams (1955 - 1960)


Judy Lewis - born in 1935 (Mother was Loretta Young)
John Clark - born in 1961

Famous Romances:

Joan Crawford, Marion Davies, Loretta Young

Big Break:

A MGM contract player, Gable was paired with the stars of the day in supporting roles. After he slapped Norma Shearer in A Free Soul he moved up to lead roles and never played another supporting role.

Starmaking Role:

Red Dust

Biggest Hit:

Gone With the Wind

Comeback Vehicle:

The Misfits

Tabloid Moments:

Long running affair with Joan Crawford
Father of Loretta Young's child
Death of wife Carole Lombard in plane crash
Tales form the set of The Misfits (suffering through Marilyn Monroe's antics)

Side Jobs:

Air Force Major
One of the founder of the right wing Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals

Quintssential Quality:

The King of Hollywood

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The Misfits

Big John McMasters ( Boom Town ):

"This is an old-time barroom fight. The man who hits first wins, and that's me."

In which movie did Clark Gable first star with future wife Carole Lombard?