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A Tribute to Billy Crystal

Even if Billy Crystal had never appeared in a movie we think he would deserve a Destination Hollywood Tribute for his many turns as the emcee of the Oscar telecast. His appearances in scenes from the nominated films are comedy classics. But he makes movies too and for that we are grateful. He consistently makes us laugh (City Slickers) and constantly surprises us be it as a romantic leading man (When Harry Met Sally), a Shakespearean actor (Hamlet) or a talented director (61*.) We highlight the versatile career of this likeable performer in our Tribute to Billy Crystal.

DVD Classic

Must-have Billy Crystal classics on DVD.

Coming Soon

Billy Crystal is back both in front of and behind the camera in Parental Guidance a comedy about a grandfather that struggles with modern day childcare techniques when he has to babysit his grandchildren. Expect this one Thanksgiving 2012.

And Billy Crystal will again provide the voice for Mike in Monsters University, the sequel to Monsters Inc. due in 2013.

DH Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests this Tribute dedicated to two Billy Crystal movies ...

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When Harry Met Sally

Dr. Ben Sobol ( Analyze This ):

"What is my goal here, to make you a happy, well-adjusted gangster?"

What does the title 700 Sunday's refer to in the Billy Crystal Broadway play?