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A Tribute to Bill Murray

We think Bill Murray would be the perfect subject for a study on what makes people laugh.. He doesn't have to even do anything. He is just funny. But we're not going to let you forget that he is also a talented actor. So that's why you should not be surprised when you see him in a modern day version of Hamlet or in a great little independent film like Rushmore. You simply can never predict what he's going to do next. Charlie's Angels who could have guessed? But whatever the role, we know we're going to be entertained. Comedy or drama we're going to honor his entire diverse film career in Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Bill Murray.

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The latest Bill Murray movies are now available on DVD.

Coming Soon

We'll see Bill Murray in three movies in 2012: Moonrise Kingdom a drama starring Bruce Willis, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, Charlie Sheen's post-meltdown comedy and as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson.

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Tribute to Ghostbusters

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Broken Flowers

Dr. Peter Venkman ( Ghostbusters ):

"Back off man. I'm a scientist."

Which movie did Bill Murray both direct and star in?