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Bill Murray Movies List

2011 Passion Play
2010 Get Low
2009 The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Limits of Control
2008 City of Ember
Get Smart
2007 The Darjeeling Limited
2006 Garfield: The Tale of Two Kitties
2005 The Lost City
Broken Flowers
2004 The Life Aquatic
Garfield: The Movie
2003 Lost in Translation
2001 The Royal Tenenbaums
Osmosis Jones
Speaking of Sex
2000 Charlie's Angels
1999 Cradle Will Rock
1998 Wild Things

With Friends Like These ...

1997 The Man Who Knew Too Little
1996 Kingpin
Larger than Life
1994 Ed Wood
1993 Mad Dog and Glory
Groundhog Day
1991 What About Bob?
1990 Quick Change
1989 Ghostbusters 2
(Visit our Tribute to Ghostbusters)
1988 Scrooged
1986 Little Shop of Horrors

Nothing Lasts Forever

(Visit our Tribute to Ghostbusters)
The Razor's Edge
1982 Tootsie
1981 Stripes
1980 Where the Buffalo Roam
Loose Shoes
1979 Meatballs

Bill Murray Movie Favorites

Meatballs because it introduced us to Bill Murray and because it's a sweet comedy.

Bill Murray is the grounds keeper who must get those gophers in Caddyshack.

Comedy classic. Bill Murray is Dustin Hoffman's roommate Tootsie.

Bill Murray is Dr. Peter Venkman and he's a Ghostbusters. Don't be afraid to watch it again it's still great.

It's never listed on those funniest all time movie lists but if you ask 10 people if they thought this movie was funny you will get 10 yeses. What About Bob?

Scrooged - a hilarious and oddly touching re-do of the classic holiday story, A Christmas Carol.

This movie is so good that even if you woke up and had to watch this movie every day it would still be good Groundhog Day.

A quirky smart comedy Rushmore.

You can only participate in the love it or hate it debate if you see the movie Lost in Translation and there's no debate on Bill Murray's performance.

A man visits his old girlfriend's Broken Flowers Another dramatic turn for Bill Murray

Bill Murray Academy Awards®

Best Actor Nomination for Lost in Translation --- 2006

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Wild Things

Jeff ( Tootsie ):

"I don't like it when people come up to me after my plays and say 'I really dug your message, man' or 'I really dug your play, man, I cried.' No, I like it when people come up to me the next day or a week later and say 'I saw your play. What happened?"

Bill Murray starred with Robert De Niro in De Niro's motion picture directing debut. What was the movie?