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Al Pacino Movies List

2011 The Son of No One
2010 You Don't Know Jack
2008 Righteous Kill
88 Minutes
2007 Ocean's Thirteen
(Visit our Tribute to Ocean's Eleven)
2005 Two for the Money
2004 William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice
2003 Angels in America
The Recruit
2002 People I Know
2000 Chinese Coffee
1999 The Insider
Any Given Sunday
1997 Donnie Brasco
The Devil's Advocate
1996 Looking for Richard
City Hall
1995 Heat
1994 Two Bits
1993 Carlito's Way
1992 Scent of a Woman
Glengarry Glen Ross
Frankie and Johnny
1990 The Godfather Part III
(Visit our Tribute to The Godfather)
Dick Tracy
1989 Sea of Love
1985 Revolution
1983 Scarface
1982 Author! Author!
1980 Cruising
1979 …And Justice for All
1977 Bobby Deerfield
1975 Dog Day Afternoon
1974 The Godfather Part II
(Visit our Tribute to The Godfather)
1973 Serpico
1972 The Godfather
(Visit our Tribute to The Godfather)
1971 The Panic in Needle Park

Me, Natalie

Al Pacino Movie Favorites

Watch Al Pacino play a cocky drug addict in the movie that got him noticed The Panic in Needle Park.

You obviously can't miss The Godfather, The Godfather Part II and The Godfather Part III.

AL Pacino played real life NYPD policeman Serpico.

A man tries to rob a bank to pay for his lover's sex change operation. A tour de force for Al Pacino Dog Day Afternoon.

Al Pacino gets to make his "this whole trial is out of order" speech and you get to see an intense movie about American justice …And Justice for All.

We think you probably know if this movie is for you or not. Like gangster movies, don't mind violence, mucho profanity, over the top performances- join the Scarface cult.

Hot, hot, hot- Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin in mystery thriller Sea of Love.

It's a David Mamet play about salesmen in a real estate office. Powerful acting Glengarry Glen Ross.

Scent of a Woman - Al Pacino wins an Academy Award playing a blind man. Hoo-ah!

Al Pacino is the cop and De Niro is the thief in Heat.

Another true story Donnie Brasco Al Pacino is the mobster the undercover FBI agent befriends

The Insider - A thinking man's movie. Al Pacino is a 60 Minutes tv producer who finds a tobacco executive who wants to tell the truth.

One you might have missed: Looking for Richard If you love Al Pacino, Shakespeare, actors, the theatre or any combination of these you will love this movie as Al Pacino and his friends analyze the play Richard III and try to explain why the British are better Shakespearean actors.

Al Pacino Academy Awards®

Best Actor Win for Scent of a Woman --- 1993
Best Supporting Actor Nomination for Glengarry Glen Ross --- 1993
Best Supporting Actor Nomination for Dick Tracy --- 1991
Best Actor Nomination for ... And Justice For All --- 1980
Best Actor Nomination for Dog Day Afternoon --- 1976
Best Actor Nomination for The Godfather, Part II --- 1975
Best Actor Nomination for Serpico --- 1974
Best Actor Nomination for The Godfather --- 1973

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Two For the Road

Arthur Kirkland ( ... And Justice For All ):

"You're outta order. You're outta order. This whole trial is outta order."

Al has directed one movie, a documentary about Shakespearian acting. What was it called?