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A Tribute to Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler was surely laughing all the way to the bank as the critics derided the lowbrow comedies he made one after another. Playing the goofy man/child hero was a winning formula for box office gold but critical acclaim did not come until Adam Sandler took a risk and threw away the formula. Surprisingly dramatic roles in Punch Drunk Love and Reign Over Me made those critics sit up and take notice. As one of the most successful actor, writer, producers in town, Adam Sandler can choose to make any movies he wants to and now he seems to want to mix it up which makes his fans and the critics happy and it makes us happy to be able to present this Tribute to Adam Sandler

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Bobby Bucher ( The Waterboy ):

"Now that's what I call high quality H2O."

What television sitcom did Adam Sandler have a recurring role on?