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The Hollywood Studios

Visit one of the studios where movies and television are made...

ABC Studios
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Culver City Studios
Walt Disney Studios
20th Century Fox Studios
MGM Studios
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MGM Plaza

Metro Goldwyn Mayer 2500 Broadway St.
Santa Monica, CA
310.449.3000 or 800.405.4646

Official Site:

History of the Studio

Although MGM reigned for over sixty years, it fell upon hard times in the 1970s and is now merely corporate offices in Santa Monica. The historic MGM Studios lot is now occupied by Sony Pictures. The MGM name was derived from Metro which was a film company belonging to showman Marcus Loew, in addition to the surnames of producers Samuel Goldwyn and Louis B. Mayer. Their trademark Leo the Lion was introduced in 1928 and their motto (appearing in the band above Leo's head) was "Ars Gratia Artis" ("Art For Art's Sake").

Studio Tours

There are no structured tours, but the MGM grounds are open to the public.

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