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Unforgiven Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Unforgiven? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What do the rapists give the saloon keeper to make up for cutting the face of the prostitutes?

a) Money
b) Alcohol
c) Horses

2) What are Bill Munny's kids named?

a) Will and Penny
b) Mary and Paul
c) David and Susie

3) Who told The Schofield Kid about Bill Munny?

a) Father McMurphy
b) Cousin Jane
c) Uncle Pete

4) What was Bill Munny's wife's name?

a) Mary
b) Claudia
c) Sally

5) How much money do the prostitutes offer as a reward for killing the rapists?

a) $1,000
b) $500
c) $10,000

6) What's the name of the town where Little Bill is the Sheriff?

a) Big Mountain
b) Big Horn
c) Big Whiskey

7) What's the title of the book Beauchamp wrote about English Bob?

a) The Duke of Desire
b) The Duke of Destiny
c) The Duke of Death

8) How did The Schofield Kid get his nickname?

a) It was his last name
b) He came from Schofield
c) He had a Schofield pistol

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Strawberry Alice ( Frances Fisher ):

"Maybe we ain't nuthin but whores but by God we ain't horses."