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Spotlight on Princess Leia

Character Name: Princess Leia
Birth Year: 19 BBY
Home World: Alderaan
Species: Human
Profession: Galactic Senator, Princess, Leader of Rebel Alliance
Portrayed by: Carrie Fisher
Appeared in: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

She's a princess by virtue of her adopted father, the ruler of Alderaan. She's the natural child of Padme and Anakin. She's the twin sister of Luke Skywalker. She's the girlfriend of bad-boy Han Solo. And she's the leader of the Rebel Alliance. In short, she's got a lot on her plate.

The first time we meet her, she is standing up to Darth Vader so there is no denying that she is a "force" to be reckoned with and definitely up to whatever task is required.

We give you Princess Leia ... she's our only hope.

Princess Leia Star Wars Photo Gallery

Use the arrows below to view some pictures of Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies.

Princess Leia Classic Scene

Carrie Fisher Fast Facts

Birth Name: Carrie Francis Fisher
Date of Birth: October 21, 1956
Birth Place: Beverly Hills, California
Side Jobs: Novelist, Screenwriter

Destination Hollywood Suggests

Carrie Fisher is also a wonderful writer, we spotlight three excellent books:

YouTube Fun Feature

This is a must watch. Carrie Fisher good-naturedly roasts George Lucas at his AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony:

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Princess Leia ( Carrie Fisher ):

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope."