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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to George Lucas

He's only directed four movies but his technical and moviemaking genius has touched nearly every movie made over the last three decades. We'll tell you more in our Tribute to director George Lucas.

A Tribute to Harrison Ford

He's the star of not one, not two, but three highly successful, much loved, top money-making sequel producing movie franchises. For that reason alone, he deserves a Destination Hollywood Tribute and here it is … our Tribute to Harrison Ford.

A Tribute to Samuel L. Jackson

He's made over forty movies in the last twelve years. He was in eight movies in 1984 alone. Practice must really make perfect because this guy's right on the money. Learn more about this hard working actor in our Tribute to Samuel L. Jackson.

A Tribute to Star Trek

Captain Kirk or Captain Picard? Please don't make us choose! We have each and every crew member from all nine movies in this all-encompassing Tribute. So engage, Number One and take us to our Tribute to Star Trek: The Motion Picture series.

A Tribute to The Terminator

First he was bad. Then he was good. The only thing for certain is that he said he'd be back and he didn't disappoint. We'll help you sort it all out in our Tribute to The Terminator.

A Tribute to Indiana Jones

We're glad to hear that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are planning a fourth installment of this action-packed adventure series - we think Indy rocks! But until the next one's released you can ease your anticipation by celebrating the first three in our Tribute to Indiana Jones.

A Tribute to Jurassic Park

We question the need for an amusement park filled with genetically engineered dinosaurs. But we have no doubt about the necessity for a Tribute to Michael Crichton/Steven Spielberg's classic Jurassic Park movies.

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A New Hope

Han Solo ( Harrison Ford ):

"A Jedi knight? I'm out of it for a little while and everybody gets delusions of grandeur."

At which spaceport do Ben and Luke first meet Han Solo?