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Men in Black II Movie Basics

Year of Release: 2002
Running Time: 88 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Screenwriter: Lowell Cunningham
Producers: Laurie MacDonald and Stephanie Kemp
Studio: Universal Pictures

Men in Black II Photo Gallery

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Men in Black II Synopsis

Agents J and K (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) are back for more battles with alien rabble-rousers who take the form of a host of estrogen-charged extraterrestrials. These aliens are led by an arch-nemesis played by Lara Flynn Boyle. Of course, the notorious worm creatures from the original film will return to wreak havoc as well.

Men in Black II Cast

Tommy Lee Jones - K
Will Smith - J
Lara Flynn Boyle - Serleena
Rosario Dawson - Laura Vasquez
Rip Torn - Zed
Tony Shalhoub - Jeebs

Men in Black II Original Theatrical Trailer

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Men in Black II

J ( Will Smith ):

"I'm about to lay the smackdown on your candy-ass!"

Where was the first contact with aliens made according to K?