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King Creole Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from King Creole.

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"When the king starts to do it. It's as good as done. He holds his guitar like a tommy gun. He starts to grovel way down in his throat. He bends the string and that's all she wrote."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"As long as I have you. Every kiss brings a thrill. And I know that it will. As long as I have you."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"I never look for trouble. But I never ran. I don't take no orders. From no kind of man."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"Though you're not good for me. I want you so. It's not the kind. Of love I dreamed about."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"You got the blue light shining on the swinging hips. You got the drummer so nervous that he lost his sticks. The coronet player hit a note that's flat. The trombone hit him where the poor cat sat."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"You're the cutest lover doll. That I ever did ever see. Let me tell you lover doll. You were meant for me."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"I went to the bayou just last night. There was no moon but the stars were bright. Put a big a long hook on a big long pole. And I pulled Mr. Crawfish out of his hole."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"In my eyes. Oh, can't you see in my eyes. That you're the only one who. Can make my young dreams come true."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"Farewell loyal high school. We'll remember you. Dear alma mater. We're steadfast loyal and true."

Danny Fisher ( Elvis Presley ):
"They love you like no one can. It makes you awful glad that you were born a man. And if ain't been there. Man you ain't been nowhere. The livin's lazy and the lovin's fine."

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King Creole

The director of King Creole, Michael Curtiz, also directed one of the most beloved movies of all time. Which one was it?