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How to Write a Jurassic Park Sequel

There are always rumors about a fourth Jurassic Park. But as soon as you hear it's in the works you see a comment by Steven Spielberg saying that they are having trouble coming up with a story for yet a third sequel. We see this as a golden opportunity for all you wanna-be screenwriters out there. Power-up your copy of Final Draft, here is some help to get you started. There are some basic story points that you'll need to incorporate in your masterpiece dinosaur script and we outline them here for you ...

How to Write a Jurassic Park Sequel

It all starts with a misguided rich guy (doesn't it always?)

Jurassic Park The Lost World Jurassic Park III

He hires a handsome dinosaur-savvy scientist.

That guy is going to need a team so let's start with a resourceful woman.

And you'll need some comic relief so add in a wisecracking sidekick.

Kids to put in danger - that is an absolute must.

And for sure do not forget the hapless guy doomed for a very unpleasant death.

Now send them all to a deserted tropical island chock full of cloned dinosaurs.

(If at all possible they should make some tricky landing by air.)

And remember, everybody loves babies EVEN Baby Dinosaurs.

Now it's time for a Rumble in the Jungle. It's Dino vs. Vehicle and the T-Rex wins with a knock-out.

Dinosaur stampede anyone?

This will be a showstopper - Dinosaur Eats Man! And the bloodier the better.

Time to let your audience catch their breath and admire the majesty of these giant creatures.

Which leads to the inevitable Battle of the Wits with those pesky Raptors.

And it all ends up with our band of exhausted survivors beating a hasty retreat off the island via helicopter.

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Jurassic Park

Dr. Ian Malcolm ( Jeff Goldblum ):

"Boy do I hate being right all the time."