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A Tribute to Good Will Hunting

An unlikely mathematical genius finds himself torn between the life he's known and the opportunities before him. Coached by a professor and a psychologist, he must figure out what HE wants. Throw in a loyal friend and an intelligent woman and our protagonist has a dilemma. Eloquently written by Academy Award-winning stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, this heartwarming film will move you and we hope so will our Tribute to Good Will Hunting.

Good Will Hunting DVD Spotlight

Good Will Hunting Miramax Collector's Edition DVD , - this special DVD offers great extras audio commentary from stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and director Gus Van Sant as well as deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes documentary.

Good Will Hunting Bookshelf

Good Will Hunting: A Screenplay by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

DH Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes dedicated to these Good Will Hunting stars ...

A Tribute to Matt Damon

He's good as Will Hunting. He's good as Tom Ripley. He's good as Private Ryan. We have a feeling that it's good to be Matt Damon, too. Find out why in our Tribute to this hot, young and powerful new star.

A Tribute to Ben Affleck

In just a few short years he chased Amy, saved the world, befriended a mathematical genius AND a poetic playwright. But most importantly, he established himself as one of Hollywood's fastest rising stars - don't miss this Tribute.

A Tribute to Robin Williams

"High Energy" is a phrase seemingly coined to describe this hyper-talented actor/funnyman. Ride the wave of talent to our Tribute to Robin Williams.

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Good Will Hunting

Sean ( Robin Williams ):

"You don't know about real loss, because that only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself."

In what year did Sean miss the BoSox in the World Series to meet his future wife instead?