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A Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams is a very funny man who can also dazzle us with his dramatic acting turns. His improv style is filled with so much energy and comic riffs that he can leave the audience breathless. He began his career as an alien on a television sitcom and has morphed into a movie star complete with an Academy Award. We thought he was perfectly cast as both the voice of the hyperactive genie in the animated Aladdin movie and the caring therapist in Good Will Hunting. For all the entertainment he has brought us, we offer this Destination Hollywood Tribute to Robin Williams.

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In March, you can see Robin Williams in his Broadway debut in the play Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. Learn more and buy tickets at the Official Site.

Robin Williams has joined the cast of The Prince of Providence a biopic about Vincent A. "Buddy" Cianci, former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island.

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Adrian Kronauer ( Good Morning Vietnam ):

"Goo-ood morning, Vietnam!"

Robin Williams studied acting at what famous school?