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Gone with the Wind Timeline

We highlight some of the memorable moments in the history of Gone With the Wind.


Margaret Mitchell begins writing book


Gone With the Wind published

July 1936

David O. Selznick buys movie rights

December 1936 - December 1937

Nearly every major Hollywood actress tests for the role of Scarlett, including Joan Crawford (pictured here.)

August 1938

Clark Gable signed to play Rhett

December 1938

Filming begins with the Burning of Atlanta Segment

Janaury 1939

Vivien Leigh hired to play Scarlett

January 1939

Principal photography begins

February 1939

Director George Cukor fired

February 1939

Director Victor Fleming hired

June 1939

Filming completed

September 1939

Sneak preview held in Riverside, CA

December 12, 1939

Atlanta premiere

December 19, 1939

NY City premiere


Gone With the Wind receives 9 Academy Awards including Best Picture

November 6, 1976

NBC pays $5 million to air Gone With the Wind one time only.

March 1985

Home Video Release


DVD Release

December 2009

Blu-Ray Release

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Gone With the Wind

Rhett Butler ( Clark Gable ):

"You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole but is terribly terribly sorry he's going to jail."