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The Godfather Part III: Good, Bad or Misunderstood?

The Godfather Part III is often thought of by even the most ardent fans of The Godfather saga as a sequel that doesn't quite live up to the first two movies. But we disagree.

But first let's go to our beloved movie reviewing team of Siskel and Ebert for their take on The Godfather Part III:

As is invariably the case, we agree with Roger Ebert. It's a very good movie and in our opinion more than stands up against the first two. It is definitely a different type of story. The Michael Corelone in the third movie is an older man, wracked with guilt for the horrendous things he's done in his life.

Francis Ford Coppola has said that he thinks that what people react to in the third movie is that Michael isn't "two steps ahead of everybody" as he is in the first two movies. This Michael wants out of the mafia business and yearns for a spiratual redemption that is not going to be forthcoming. And this psychological struggle has weakened him as a character. The Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part III does not have the will or the strength to take out his enemies and maybe that is why people originally were disappointed with the movie.

But as a dramatic tale of the demise of a once powerful family The Godfather Part III has few equals. As evidence we submit the soaring drama of the last minutes of the film. Movie story-telling doesn't get any better than this:

Just for Fun

Here are some excerpts of a behind-the-scenes documentary of the Godfather trilogy that focus on the making of The Godfather Part III.

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The Godfather Part III

Michael Corleone ( Al Pacino ):

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."