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Fort Apache Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Fort Apache? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What is the name of Col. Thursday's daughter played by Shirley Temple?

a) Augustine
b) Philadelphia
c) Mary

2) What kind of guns are the Indian Agents selling to the Apaches?

a) Colt Six Shooters
b) Winchester 73's
c) Winchester Seven Shot Repeaters

3) What do the Cavalry men find in the boxes marked "Bibles"?

a) Medicine
b) Rifles
c) Rot Guy Whiskey

4) What is the name of the Apache chief that Col. Thursday fights?

a) Cochise
b) Iron Eyes Cody
c) Geronimo

5) What is the punishment the troops receive for drinking the whiskey instead of destroying it?

a) They have to go on remote patrol
b) They get demoted
c) They have to shovel manure

6) What historical event was the movie loosely based upon?

a) Battle of Little Big Horn
b) Alamo
c) OK Corral

7) What number in the John Ford Cavalry trilogy is Fort Apache?

a) First movie
b) Second movie
c) Third movie

8) Who plays Philadelphia Thursday's boyfriend?

a) John Barrymore
b) John Agar
c) John Wayne

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Fort Apache

Sgt. Festus Mulcahy ( Victor McLaglen ):

"Pour me some scripture."