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Batman and Robin Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Batman and Robin.

Robin ( Chris O'Donnell ):
"I want a car, chicks dig the car."
Batman ( George Clooney ):
"This is why Superman works alone."

Mr. Freeze ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ):
"The iceman cometh."

Mr. Freeze ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ):
"You are not sending ME to the cooler."

Poison Ivy ( Uma Thurman ):
"I think I've had a change of heart. The animal plant toxins had a rather unique effect on me. They replaced my blood with aloe, my skin with chlorophyll and filled my lips ... with venom."

Robin ( Chris O'Donnell ):
"It's Batman and Robin. Not Robin and Batman."

Poison Ivy ( Uma Thurman ):
"There's something about an anatomically correct rubber suit that puts fire in a girl's lips."
Batman ( George Clooney ):
"Why is it that all the beautiful ones are homicidal maniacs? Is it me?"

Alfred Pennyworth ( Michael Gough ):
"There is no defeat in death Master Bruce. Victory comes in defending what we know is right."

Poison Ivy ( Uma Thurman ):
"So many people to kill, so little time."

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Batman and Robin

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