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Batman Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Batman? Well, let's see if you do.

1) In Batman, The Joker poisons the people of Gotham City. Where does he put the poison?

a) In the water
b) In the air conditioning system
c) In the city's beauty products

2) In Batman, what is The Joker's real name?

a) Jack Napier
b) Jack Nelson
c) Jack Nettier

3) In Batman Returns, what was The Penguin's real name??

a) Ozzie Osborne
b) Oswald Cobblepot
c) Oswald Cobbleroad

4) In Batman Returns, what is The Penguin's terrible plan of revenge for having been abandoned as a child?

a) Kill all the parents in Gotham
b) Kill all the children in Gotham
c) Kill all the first born sons in Gotham

5) In Batman Forever, what was the name of Dick Grayson's circus act?

a) The Flying Graysons
b) The Mighty Grayons
c) The Fearless Graysons

6) In Batman Forever, what was The Riddler's real name?

a) Dr. Jason Woodrue
b) Alexander Knox
c) Edward Nygma

7) In Batman and Robin who plays the prison guard that goes up against Mr. Freeze?

a) Joel Schumacher
b) Robin Williams
c) Jesse Ventura

8) In Batman and Robin, what is Poison Ivy's dastardly plan?

a) Take over Gotham City
b) Get rid of all humans
c) Kill Batman

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Batman and Robin

Batman ( Michael Keaton ):

"I made you? You made me first."