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Austin Powers Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Austin Powers? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Dr. Evil's empire is ruled from what city in the original Austin Powers?

a) Las Vegas
b) London
c) Seattle

2) What kind of car does Austin drive in the Austin Powers movies?

a) A Jaguar
b) A Shaguar
c) A Swinger

3) Austin Powers time travels back to what year in The Spy Who Shagged Me?

a) 1967
b) 1968
c) 1969

4) Mini-Me is what fraction of Dr. Evil's size?

a) 5/16
b) 1/6
c) 1/4

5) What talk show does Scott Evil appear on with his father?

a) Geraldo
b) Jerry Springer
c) Oprah

6) How much does Dr. Evil finally ask the UN for in the original Austin Powers movie?

a) 1 million
b) 100 billion
c) 1 trillion

7) Which singer appears in the first two Austin Powers movies?

a) Burt Bacharach
b) Elvis Costello
c) Willie Nelson

8) Which of the following movies is NOT parodied in The Spy Who Shagged Me?

a) Apollo 13
b) The Exorcist
c) The Silence of the Lambs

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Austin Powers International Man of Mystery

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