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Austin Powers in Goldmember Movie Basics

Year of Release: 2002
Running Time: 94 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Jay Roach
Screenwriter: Mike Myers
Producers: Mike Myers
Studio: New Line Cinema

Austin Powers in Goldmember Photo Gallery

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Austin Powers in Goldmember Synopsis

It's been three years since Austin Powers, that swinging international man of mystery, has had to face his arch enemy, Dr. Evil. But after Dr. Evil and his accomplice Mini-Me escape from a maximum-security prison, Austin is called to action once more in this third installment of the highly successful Austin Powers movie franchise. Teaming up with the mysterious yet peculiar Goldmember, Dr. Evil hatches a time-traveling scheme to take over the world, one that involves the kidnapping of Nigel Powers, Austin's beloved father and England's most renowned spy. As he chases the villains through time, Austin visits 1975 and joins forces with his old flame, Foxxy Cleopatra, a streetwise but stylish detective. Together Austin and Foxxy must find a way to save Nigel and stop Dr. Evil and Goldmember from their mischievous mayhem.

Austin Powers in Goldmember Cast

Mike Myers - Austin Powers/Dr. Evil
Beyonce Knowles - Foxxy Cleopatra
Michael Caine - Nigel Powers
Verne Troyer - Mini-Me
Michael York - Basil Exposition
Robert Wagner - Number Two
Seth Green - Scott Evil
Mindy Sterling - Frau Farbissina

Austin Powers in Goldmember Movie Trailer

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Austin Powers in Goldmember

Austin Powers ( Mike Myers ):

"I am a sexy beast. "

Dr. Evil's empire is ruled from what city in Austin Powers In Goldmember?